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I hope you’ll forgive me for being blunt. I am Dr. Jong Lee, I’m a CPA, EA, DBA, CFF and I realize that you may not be used to seeing a tax professional talk like this. It’s not my intention to offend (I’m actually being very careful with my words–I am a tax professional, after all). But I think you’ll agree that the times we’re currently facing require a little straight talk.

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.

But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!
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Our Tax Services

High quality comprehensive accounting and tax services:
IRS Representation For You
Tax Planning For Big Savings

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For Small Businesses

“Hassle Free” QuickBooks Setup
“Reset” Your QuicksBooks
“Part Time CFO” Services
Accounting Done For You

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Tax Problem Resolution

“Innocent Spouse” IRS Relief
Bankruptcy Options That Work
What Does The IRS “Have” On You
Non-Filed Returns–Done For You

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Additional Services

There are many issues & problems which come up in the course of a normal business or family, to list all of them would not be beneficial.

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Tax Problems

This book will help with understanding the workings or the IRS and possible implications of various IRS rules.

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Expert Advice.

We have more than 25 years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals achieve their financial goals. We truly believe in the small business as a part of what is best about America—the ability to work hard and grow a business on your own. We know how to serve the small business format because we are a small business ourselves.

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Rave Reviews

From 22 reviews
M Collier

I found myself in trouble over my misunderstanding of certain tax laws/requirements. I went to Lee Accountancy and they went a great help. Not only did they fix my tax situation, they explained everything to me in a way i could understand. …

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Aziz Khatri

Excellent service. Great communication and response! Love it

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Sam Wiederspan

Everyone was friendly, professional and helpful. I feel confident in the results that were found and will continue to work with Jong and his team at tax time every year.

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Bryan Jennewein

I found myself in a complicated tax situation after buying a rental property, having a full time job, and now new income and expense. EVERYONE at the Lee Accountancy Group was incredible, from my first inquiry, through the preparation of my…

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Raitis Stalazs

As a busy entrepreneur, it's essential to have expert help, and The Lee Accountancy provides precisely that. They have been filling our taxes for the past few years, and I wish I found them earlier. They definitely know what they are doing…

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Paul Yap

Switch from an existing tax preparer that I have been using for the past 10 years. Did not regret it, lee and his team responded to questions I have in timely manner, and it's the first time in years that it got submitted in time. The …

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Michael Cecconi

Meeting annually with Mr. Lee makes tax time (relatively) painless. I have, and will continue to recommend Lee Accountancy to all in need of a great accountant.

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Doug Beazley

Mr. Lee and his staff are efficient, conscientious and very helpful with tax preparation tasks, questions and advice. I highly recommend their services to anyone needing the peace of mind the help of a knowledgeable accountancy group can …

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Stephen George

Excellent service, excellent results. I recommend Jong Lee and his team to anyone looking for top-notch tax preparation assistance.

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Alex Hart

The Lee Accountancy Group does great work!

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Kerry Dean Martinez

I first came to The Lee Accountacy group with a very complicated tax situation that I feared no accountant would be willing ior able to handle. Dr. Lee and his skilled staff worked very hard to succesfully resolve the multiple challenges my…

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Lily Mena-Alvarez

The staff treat me with respect, they were very Helpful,. A gentleman helped. me with my cellphone I needed to call Uber.I was very pleased with everybody.

Mr. Lee is an excellent professional.

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Hack Pich

Best Tax Service in the Bay Area. Glad I found them.

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Renee Geesler

Lee Accountancy Group are professional, dependable and reliable. I highly recommend them for all of your tax and CPA needs.

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Lynel Ford

I've been filing my business and personal taxes at Lee Accountancy since 2014 and the staff is great. I highly recommend their prompt service.

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Lynn Caffrey

The Lee Accountancy Group has been our CPA firm since at least 2009. Jong and his staff have always treated our returns with great respect and care and found the maximum deductions. We have never been disappointed and would recommend the …

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Gilles Marin

What a relief to have found a great accountant to help me with my taxes. I am just back to work after a couple of long years in nursing homes and having to deal with a badly managed business for the past six years and a large tax backup... …

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Lynette Ng

Jong Lee is very professional, he help me to understand my current CPA prepared tax return, thus help me save a lot of money. I highly recommend him to be the one and only one CPA.

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Otis Landerholm

I highly recommend Jong Lee CPA! Mr. Lee is a great guy and his firm is down to earth, approachable and professional! As the owner of a growing law firm, I am picky about who I want to do my taxes. I visited many CPAs in the bay area, and …

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Mary Hinson

Lee Accountancy Group Inc. – CPA has a very personal approach for each client. The best CPA ever! They really take every client professionally now matter what! The best CPA ever!

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Mandy Whaley

Lee Accountancy Group Inc. just amazed me! Thy are filed my taxes for the past 3 years and I would highly recommend his tax preparation service. Thanks guys! 🙂

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Ellen Bryant

A great certified public accountant whit which I've been working for a few years now. I've always had astounding results from them and nothing has gone sour ever.

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As a busy entrepreneur, it’s essential to have expert help, and The Lee Accountancy provides precisely that. They have been filling our taxes for the past few years, and I wish I found them earlier. They definitely know what they are doing, and they deliver every single time. I highly recommend them!Raitis S

I found myself in a complicated tax situation after buying a rental property, having a full time job, and now new income and expense. EVERYONE at the Lee Accountancy Group was incredible, from my first inquiry, through the preparation of my taxes, and through structuring and bookkeeping for my new rental business. So friendly, communicative, and supportive. They took extra time to explain the complexities and advise me on the most sustainable and tax advantageous practices. I trust them now for ALL of my accounting needs, and I recommend them HIGHLY and trust them IMPLICITLY. And I hope you will too!”Bryan J

“I went to Jong for several years before moving out of the area, and each year Jong was thoughtful and patient with me. My tax situations have been complicated, but Jong was never less than thorough and was always able to break down tax law in a way that made sense to me. What’s more, in terms of cost, I was surprised to find that, given the complexity of my situation, his charges were roughly on the level of what I would have paid for at a large chain like H&R Block – a place where I wouldn’t get his level of expertise. Five stars for his patience and attention to detail.”Geoff J

“This is a very professional CPA firm from start to finish. The cleanliness of the office was inviting and the timeliness was prompt. I called in for an appointment and the response time was within minutes. I needed to discuss about my taxes and how the new 2018 tax law affects my returns and Mr. Jong Lee ensures me I will get the maximum deduction and optimize my credits. He made me feel at ease because I tried using turbotax and got really confused with inputting the numbers I end up losing all my refund. I’m glad I decided to visit a real CPA firm with real knowledge on how to prepare tax the right way. After gathering all my documents the process was as easy as waiting to be called to signed. I would highly recommend them for the local neighborhood skeptics who aren’t sure of filling their taxes because of the fear of an audit or mistakes made, just come see Mr. Lee and you will be glad you did. The cost of the services was highly affordable with the money I was refunded it wasn’t even a drop in the bucket. Thank you Lee Accountancy Group for all your help.”David P

“I filed my taxes late and had to do an extension, Lee accountancy group saved me. Thank you for your service, very quick and efficient.”Kacy C

“Came here last year and with tax season around the corner, I will definitely be returning again. The staff made the process easy and stress free. They are very friendly and professional with reasonable fees.”Katherine O

Professional, courteous, patient, great listener and awesome people skills.

Mr. Lee, where have you been all “my tax filing years” life?Mari P

Dr. Jong LeeStraight Talk for Real-World Taxpayers